LIFT is an independent research and marketing communications firm offering an impressive array of insights, branding, storytelling and content services to the consumer health and life science industries.


We are a new and different kind of healthcare research and marketing communications firm.

We were eager to leverage a more innovative approach to marketing and external affairs and I needed a solid and responsible partner. LIFT brings tremendous value—their use of anthropology and design thinking has changed the way we approach patient and consumer engagement across our system. I would recommend them without hesitation.
— Alex Sydnor, Vice President External Affairs & Chief Strategy Officer, Beebe Healthcare

At LIFT, we hunger for context, dig deep through social sciences, and let anthropology and design thinking inform the work we do. We listen to the people you serve and we craft stories in their voice, creating authentic content fueled by scientific methods and enriched with empathy and understanding. It’s powerful. It works. It’s scientifically human. 

We are one of a handful of independent firms to approach healthcare research and marketing communications through the lens of design thinking. We take the “independent” part seriously because it means we only answer to our clients and to the culture we’ve built. Our independent disposition drives us to think differently—for our clients and for ourselves—every minute of every day.

To be successful, today's consumer healthcare and life science brands must focus on taking a human-centered approach to research, design, and marketing communications with a focus on to the lived experience. That's why our mission is firmly grounded in human understanding. We seek to engage, inform, motivate and inspire people to take positive action. Employing anthropology, ethnography and design thinking to inform the foundation of our work, we explore human voices, beliefs, behaviors, and realities at home and abroad to uncover and unlock authentic moments of experience (insights) for your consumers, patients, and/or institutional stakeholders. From there, we are uniquely positioned to craft strategic brand stories, messaging, and content to help your organization meaningfully engage, activate, acquire, and retain them.

Our work can be leveraged across multiple stages of the consumer and product development lifecycle(s), and is supported by thoughtful measurement, validation, and optimization strategies aligned with your organization’s goals and objectives. 




Design thinking, especially in the context of consumer healthcare and life science organizations, is about people—blurring the line between company and community to empower an equal exchange of ideas and involvement. Through this lens emerges powerful strategies and tactics that are intended to help our clients champion the human condition while delivering on business and clinical objectives.



We approach our work through the lens of extreme stakeholder empathy—a core principle of design thinking that places the human at the center of every transaction.

We champion human understanding to uncover underlying truths that shape compelling experiences.

We help our clients understand and walk alongside their consumers by embracing and elevating their unique human voices.

We believe that every person offers an expert perspective that is invaluable in understanding their lived experience.


Our client roster is comprised of an esteemed list of pharmaceutical, device, life science, and consumer healthcare providersnot all of whom are named here.  For an expanded list of current and past clients, named references, work samples, and a deeper look into the future of healthcare research, marketing, and communications, please contact us today.