For healthcare and life science marketing to inspire purposeful behavior, an empathic understanding of the consumer journey fueled by insights and ethnography is crucial.



A deep and nuanced understanding of the lived experience is now more important than ever. Insights make this understanding possible.

The growing interest in patient voice and real world evidence that comes from anthropology and human understanding is foundational to the work we do ... not only in the drug development phase but also in the post-marketing safety spaces. LIFT offers an amazing set of tools and capabilities that truly illuminates the core of patient voice and experience.
— Andres Gomez, VP and Head of Epidemiology, Safety Science and Analytics, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Consumer healthcare providers, pharmaceutical, and life science companies are becoming more dependent on insights that put human truths—held by real people with real voices and experiences—at the center of their strategies.

Anthropology, qualitative research and immersive ethnography yields a rich and vibrant tapestry of human-centered insights that inspire powerful stories and provide important strategic context. Our insights work will support regulatory filings; inform commercialization strategies; fuel marketing efforts; and drive desired strategic outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem. We apply the power of design thinking to understand the patient voice and the lived experience—unlocking the authentic moments between patients and the people who care for them and empowering strategically important outcomes.

We understand that healthcare brands must create authentic human centered experiences that are relevant to the lived experience of the patients they seek to care for. 



Using the LIFT Insights Canvas™ to understand the stakeholder journey—and related needs, motivations, and expectations—we artfully link the voice of your brand to the experience of the people and populations your organization serves and supports.

We leverage a comprehensive array of formats and methods in gaining both quantitative and qualitative insights. This sampling of different methodologies gives an idea of how we gain empathy for an audience. By using a combination of self-reported surveys, qualitative studies, and an analysis of what people really think—via what they share with our researchers—we are able to understand your audience from many different angles.


We bring a fresh approach to pharmaceutical and life science research through the lens of anthropology and design thinking—delivering highly desirable results that support client needs during virtually any phase of product/drug development from Phase 2 and 3 clinical trial support (and associated regulatory submissions) to the commercialization and post marketing strategies that drive important business and safety deliverables.

Patient understanding is crucial to decision-making in the life science space. Understanding the human condition and mapping important aspects of the patient journey provide important strategic advantage to our clients and their brands. We illuminate the voice of the patient and the human truths at ground level that are central to a brand’s success.


In order for a hospital or health system to inspire action and purposeful behavior, an empathic understanding of the consumer journey is crucial. Getting to the root of what makes healthcare “personal” requires the practice of ethnography—a tactile research exploration into the cultural underpinnings of human nature rooted in immersing, listening, understanding, and empathizing with the communities and stakeholders you seek to serve.

We seek to connect with and understand the perspective of the humans at the center of the healthcare delivery transaction—we do this by immersing ourselves in the human experience and exploring how consumers and patients engage with your brand at every stage of the journey—before, during, and after they receive care.

Understanding human truths at ground level is a passion at LIFT and a capability that our clients find significant value in.

Our portfolio of experience is brought to life through the body of films, reports, abstracts, manuscripts, strategies, and programs we have crafted from the data, field notes, and immersion insights we have cultivated for our clients. Human understanding is crucial to decision-making. We help to illuminate important context by employing a fresh approach to research through the lens of design and design thinking—delivering highly desirable results that help our clients:

  • Support regulatory filings (21st Century Cures Act)
  • Support clinical trials and approval decisions
  • Influence product development strategy
  • Support consumer/patient/stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Strengthen safety monitoring and inform registry design
  • Explore and illuminate burden of disease and/or "Lived Experience" 
  • Contribute to benefit/risk assessments
  • Support pre/post-marketing commitments and/or requirements
  • Assess market opportunities
  • Differentiate products, services, or indications
  • Create impactful content programming (including education)
  • Map consumer/patient/stakeholder journeys
  • Uncover consumer/patient/stakeholder expectations and needs
  • Develop brands and strategically optimize for success
  • Enhance marketing communications efficacy
  • Support product launch and go-to-market (incl. medical and commercial)