Who are you fighting for?


“Treat me like a person, not a patient.”

—37-year-old female, living with RA

The human condition. We seek. We learn. We receive. We empathize. We fight for the patient. To understand their hopes, their fears, their needs, their beliefs, their motivations. Together we can fight for what they fight for.

At LIFT, we seek to own the patient journey through insights, leveraging a nuanced understanding of the emotional truths that drive consumer/stakeholder behavior and brand success. We help our clients utilize these understandings as part of a human-to-human strategy that delivers results.

Using the LIFT INSIGHTS CANVAS®, we uncover intersections of common insight among diverse stakeholders—and leverage those important realities to align brand messaging and impact an audience with a more effective voice and story.

This is where LIFT really starts to understand the complexity of the human condition across a diverse study population—these “common human truths” create great confidence in report and solution design. LIFT engages at all levels of the marketing journey and throughout an asset’s life cycle. Leveraging anthropology and design to craft measurable brand strategies that are aligned with stakeholder needs and expectations as well as the goals and objectives of the brand and brand team.

For LIFT it is about gathering data that helps build better assets, processes, patient engagement tools, educational resources, marketing programs, tools for trials and more. The ability to generalize insights confidently helps us leverage the protocols of design thinking to craft powerful deliverables.


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