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LIFT is a different kind of healthcare marketing agency. LIFT is the first independent marketing agency in America to approach healthcare marketing through the lens of design thinking—leveraging extreme stakeholder empathy as a guiding tool for messaging and brand strategy. We love healthcare marketing, and we love design—it’s a passion we are proud to share with our clients.

LIFT offers a unique and comprehensive array of strategic marketing services to hospitals, health systems, life science companies, pharmaceutical companies, and academic medical institutions around the globe. We have been serving in—and providing thought-leadership to—the healthcare strategy, marketing, and communications space for more than 25 years.

At LIFT, we take the “independent” part seriously because it means we only answer to our clients and to the culture we’ve built. Our independent disposition drives us to think differently—for our clients and for ourselves—every minute of every day.— David C. McDonald, CEO and Founder, LIFT

Our Clients and Partners

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Some of our clients call us “interesting” and “unique.” Others call us “purposeful” and “effective.” We call ourselves design thinkers, innovators, anthropolgists, and storytellers.

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Meet Team LIFT

We are a team of marketing experts, designers, brand strategists, anthropologists, entrepreneurs, journalists, content developers, documentary film-makers, technology and application developers, ethnographers, social media experts, consumer marketing experts, and design thinkers.

We enjoy the challenges of working in the largest and most disrupted industry in the world. LIFT team members are dedicated to excellence and are willing to do the difficult work our clients expect of us. But don’t just take our word for it, learn what our LIFTers bring to the table!

The LIFT Team


David McDonald

David McDonald

CEO & Co-founder

My healthy is plenty of exercise and meditation.

Diane McDonald

Diane McDonald

COO & Co-founder

My healthy is mental & emotional nourishment.

Dave Chlastosz

Dave Chlastosz

Executive Vice President and Partner

My healthy is a relaxing drive on a sunny day.

Brian Shakley

Brian Shakley

Executive Vice President and Partner

My healthy is an early morning run.

Lee Phillips

Lee Phillips

Chief Brand Strategist and Principal

My healthy is being able to keep up with my boys.

Victoria Carlson

Victoria Carlson

Creative Director

My healthy is authentic living.

Michelle Bangson

Michelle Bangson

Content Designer

Caitlin Rozell

Caitlin Rozell

Graphic Designer

My healthy is a long hike with good company.

Jordan Dickenson

Jordan Dickensen

Storyteller & Social Media Strategist

My healthy is a yoga mat and lots of kale

Meghan McDonald

Meghan McDonald

Sales and Marketing Strategist

My healthy is Nicole Richie.

Josh Kaywood

Sales and Business Development Strategist

My healthy is a duck blind at dawn.

Chen Zhang

Chen Zhang, MPH

Design Leader

My healthy is design thinking workshops on repeat.

Malesh Murugesan

Mallesh Murugesan

Collaborative Partner, Digital

My healthy is my family time.

Steve Gustafson

Collaborative Partner, Search Engine Marketing

Jamie Cobb

Collaborative Partner, BioPharma Brand Strategy

Robert Chavez

Robert Chavez

Collaborative Partner, B.I. and Hospital Strategy

My healthy is chasing my children.

Mike Pollock

Mike Pollock

Collaborative Partner, Cultural Development

My healthy is saying "yes" to so many of life's opportunities.

Matt Bradley

Matt Bradley

Lead Healthcare Anthropologist

My healthy is a good laugh.

David Fogle

David Fogle

Composer & Sound Engineer

My healthy is music, laughter & family.

Tripp Bencho

Stephen "Tripp" Bencho III

Sales Intern, 2016

My healthy is fishing anywhere there is water.

Coleman Gordan

Coleman Gordon

Finance Intern, 2016

My healthy is friendship, exploration and exercising.

Crystal Whitlow

Crystal Whitlow

Design Intern, 2015-2016

My healthy is ambition, focus and balance.

Mary Chandler Gwin

Mary Chandler Gwin

Design Intern, 2015

My healthy is dancing for mental and spiritual fulfillment.

Kinsley Kilgore

Design Intern, 2016

My healthy is horseback riding.

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