Our Mission

To connect consumers with healthcare brands, and connect healthcare brands with consumers.

Our mission is grounded in human understanding and design thinking. We seek to engage, inform, motivate and inspire people to take positive action.— David C. McDonald, CEO and Founder, LIFT

What We Bring to the Table

LIFT provides a compelling and powerful solution to contemporary healthcare marketers seeking to demystify the consumer and patient journey and leverage forward-thinking programming into their business strategy.

At LIFT, we have a deep and unmatched understanding of the consumer and patient journey. We use this knowledge to design human-centered healthcare marketing programs grounded in four core areas of expertise to move the needle in key focus areas of healthcare marketing: AWARENESS, ENGAGEMENT, ACTIVATION, ACQUISITION, and RETENTION.

LIFT Culture

Insights +

  • Design Thinking
  • Anthropology and Ethnography
  • Journey and Expectation Mapping
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Activation
  • Internal Stakeholder Alignment, Education, and Workshops

Storytelling +

  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Campaign and Program Design
  • Multi-Channel Content and Creative
  • Filmmaking and Animation
  • Direct Marketing [Print and Digital]
  • Online Experience Design*
  • Technical Writing and Publishing*


In healthcare, change is happening everywhere, every day—and there’s no indication the revolution will slow down anytime soon. How can we make sense of all the converging points, and the tides of change on both sides of the healthcare transaction?

The answer is design thinking—identifying and solving problems through human understanding, anthropology, and a comprehensive, experience-based approach to human engagement and marketing. Design thinking, especially in healthcare, is about people—blurring the line between organization and community—empowering an equal exchange of ideas and involvement. 

We use the word “designed” to accentuate and contextualize everything we do. Through the lens of human-centered design thinking emerges powerful marketing strategies and messages that are intended to champion the human condition while delivering on business and clinical objectives.