The LIFT Collaborative

If you are reading this, you likely know that healthcare consumers are now more complicated, connected, elusive, and accessible than ever before. The decisions that inform consumer behavior are complex, personal, and varied. Understanding the consumer journey is arguably the most important component to successful marketing. Add to that the fact that the decision-making process is often fueled by search & social and you have one heck of a challenge as a marketer.

This reality has obliterated conventional modes of consumer decision-making and healthcare marketing. The patient journey is now front and center to strategy—and that journey takes place across a multitude of channels within both on and offline environments—making it much more difficult to engage with and convert customers.

Mapping and understanding the consumer journey will set the stage for powerful results—and delivering requires a broad roster of talents and resource. This is why LIFT formed our Collaborative … to coordinate insight into a strategy that is informed by a single vision and that can deliver seamlessly across virtually any domain of marketing.

Fueling Consumer Experiences

The LIFT Collaborative provides a comprehensive roster of talents and resources to activate successful marketing and brand strategies across any channel. The LIFT Collaborative fuels consumer experiences and marketing results by providing healthcare marketing, brand, & strategy executives with a single partnership designed to champion the power of the design thinking and the patient journey.

Through our Collaborative, we are able to seamlessly exploit the various intersections (consumer + brand) within the journey and across multiple channels. We build and deploy amazing brand and marketing programs using insights, design thinking, content, and other tools intended to help our clients and their brands establish relevance and a competitive edge in today’s healthcare landscape.

The days of a single, long-term agency of record (AOR) are over. As a healthcare marketer and strategist, you can’t afford to form a stronger partnership with a single marketing agency. The LIFT Collaborative offers the stability of an AOR with the agility of a specialized shop. 
— Dave Chlastosz, EVP and Partner, LIFT

Who is The LIFT Collaborative?


MARKETING. designed.

LIFT knows strategic and designful healthcare marketing supported by insights, brand, storytelling, and content … it’s in our DNA.


Human-Centered UI/UX Design.

Abeyon knows healthcare IT design and development.

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Search Discovery

Analytics. Target. Search. Discovery. SEO & SEM Experts

First Adobe Analytics specialized partner in North America.


Defining brand purpose and creating brand-empowering stories for pharma. Beyond science. Beyond selling. Beyond belief.

Brandism is the new agency model for BioPharma branding that prepares your brand to navigate the new healthcare ecosystem.


The LIFT Collaborative is capable of bridging the art of content with the science of marketing—from a single strategic POV. Our clients love that.
—Mallesh Murugesan, CEO / Abeyon Technology

A Fresh Take on Client Service.

Offering a full suite of insights, brand, content, storytelling, UX and digital marketing services to healthcare companies seeking to champion a contemporary marketing strategy grounded in human-centered design.

Why The LIFT Collaborative

Because you deserve a single and powerful strategic vision that is understood and championed by anyone who touches your brand or voice.

Think about it. In order to satisfy contemporary marketing imperatives, healthcare marketers must first and foremost understand the user journey(s) and especially where they intersect with those journeys. Once understood, you must then build and deploy a compelling voice—across multiple channels—that informs consumer behavior as well as business results.

The LIFT Collaborative brings an impressive blend of talent and competency to the table to design and build the most powerful, efficient, and relevant marketing programs in the industry.

We leverage this team to the distinct advantage of our clients.

Every brand needs guiding principles. As part of the LIFT Collaborative, Brandism supports a new agency model for BioPharma branding that prepares your brand to navigate the new healthcare ecosystem. We don’t just know the journey, we work very hard to own and empower it.
—Jamie Cobb, CEO / Brandism

Say hello to the future of healthcare marketing—say hello to LIFT.