What We Do

LIFT is a healthcare marketing and communications agency devoted to the patient and consumer experience. We partner with hospitals and healthcare organizations to produce a wide range of end-to-end brand, marketing, and communications experiences—from insights, strategy, and design to multi-channel content development, delivery, and optimization.

LIFT provides compelling and powerful solutions to healthcare marketers seeking to demystify the consumer journey by incorporating next-generation healthcare marketing skills, insights, and programming into their business strategies.

LIFT provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with consumer-oriented marketing programs and strategies grounded in content and related brand programming. 

We specialize in online and offline healthcare marketing services, including direct and digital marketing, magazines and newsletters, print and digital content, and online experience design. Our content marketing expertise leverages personalization, automation, and experience programming through the lens of strategic design thinking.

Through customized marketing and content programs, LIFT will help your organization realize positive business and clinical outcomes, advance organizational success, and promote health and wellbeing in the communities you serve.

LIFT maximizes the value to your content investment—crafting brand stories and content experiences that are functional and coherent throughout the entire consumer/patient journey. 

We approach the development of your brand story and related content with four levels of delivery in mind—community, cohort, service line, and the individual consumer. This helps us make the best use of your marketing and content investment by maximizing your strategic impact across multiple delivery channels.

LIFT designs and builds marketing tools and experiences intended to engage individuals in important and impactful conversations about health, wellness, and personal behavior across five domains of strategy.

Traditional healthcare content and marketing agencies focus primarily on Awareness and Acquisition, missing crucial opportunities to nurture consumers and maximize their long-term value as part of a contemporary hospital marketing strategy.

You know your content must empower the consumer and support your organization’s business goals across the entire marketing journey—this is where LIFT excels. LIFT designs trusted, meaningful connections with consumers and stakeholders throughout the entire customer journey by exploring and exploiting the intersection of VOICE + EXPERIENCE.




Direct Marketing

  • Custom Community Magazines
  • Consumer Newsletters
  • Service Line Marketing
  • Clinic and Physician Marketing
  • Physician Referral Programming
  • Local Market Healthcare
  • Wellness & Wellbeing Tools & Guides
  • Risk Assessments & Consumer Guidance
  • Direct Mail Programming
  • Email & Digital Programming
  • Content Strategy and Optimization
  • Internal Stakeholder Engagement

Film and Photography

  • Promotional Videos
  • Documentary Film
  • Visual Storytelling

Social Media

  • Social Media Management
  • Online Reputation Management

Digital Optimization

  • SEO, SEM, Display Advertising


Experience Design

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • User Expectation Mapping
  • Service Design
  • Human-Centered Design Thinking

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Positioning
  • Voice Identification and Development
  • Storytelling
  • Organizational Culture

Customer Insights

  • Ethnography
  • Persona Development
  • Audience Profiling + Segmentation

Contemporary Marketing Programing

  • Marketing Cloud Experience Design
  • Automation & Personalization

Web Design + Implementation

App Design + Development


Our Mission

Our mission is to connect consumers with healthcare and to connect healthcare providers with consumers.

“Our mission is grounded in human understanding and design thinking. We seek to engage, inform, motivate and inspire people to take positive action.”—David C. McDonald, Chief Executive Officer 

Healthcare Magazines, Newsletters, and Guides

Your consumers will engage with your marketing message often—seeking insights and guidance—and there is no better way to connect with and empower consumers than through custom media. LIFT can help you differentiate your hospital with an authentic magazine that is more than just another healthcare newsletter. We can help you deliver compelling messages to your consumers effectively while providing you with valuable content resources that can be used across multiple channels to inform and inspire readers to action.

Local Market Wellbeing Magazines & Digital Media

Wellbeing is created by: the individual, the community in which they live, and the system that supports them. LIFT supports and empowers wellbeing in targeted markets by providing local-market media and content programing intended to enhance the health and wellbeing of the community. Our world-class lifestyle publications and digital programs are delivered to qualified individuals who embrace wellbeing as a component of healthy living and who desire a relationship with the healthcare system that supports them.

Digital Marketing

Healthcare consumers are more connected now than ever before, and the decision making process is often fueled by search and social media tools.

This reality has obliterated conventional modes of consumer decision-making and hospital marketing. The patient journey takes place across a multitude of channels and within both online and offline environments—making it much more difficult to engage with and convert customers. It’s safe to say that digital is not the end-all be-all in a contemporary strategy—but it is not going away.

You need to balance direct and digital in a way that maximizes the value of your investment—and that’s what LIFT does best. Making sure your content is aligned for digital adaptation is table stakes and requires talent that is not a commodity, but rather a skill.

When LIFT creates content for you and your community, we maximize the value of your investment by leveraging a multi-channel approach to every piece of content we build—and then help you get that content where it needs to be when the consumer needs it.

Design Thinking

Design is the new strategy in healthcare marketing.

In this era of profound business model disruption, design thinking offers a toolset that healthcare strategy and marketing executives can use to make sense of the changing world around them.

This is why LIFT helped form the Institute of Healthcare Design Thinking, a collective of like-minded marketing and strategy professionals interested in applying design thinking to healthcare contexts—transforming ourselves and our organizations to embrace the tools and processes of design at the intersection of voice and experience. To learn more, go to www.healthcaredesignthinking.com.