What Sets Us Apart

Our People. Design Thinking. Content Expertise. Human Science. Our Clients.
And an obsession with the role voice plays in empowering experiences.

Lift 1428 The Intersection of Voice and Experience

LIFT is the only marketing and design firm in healthcare devoted to the intersection of voice & experience. We believe that the voice of your healthcare organization is inextricably linked to the experience a consumer has of his or her own health—in other words, your marketing and stakeholder engagement strategies invariably impact customer experience—inside and outside the four walls of your hospital.

“LIFT is your only choice if you are keen to leverage design thinking, anthropology, and an enlightened customer engagement philosophy into your marketing, business development, and population health strategy.”—Chester Marfluitz, UMH Health

We believe that voice and experience are inextricably linked—and we use design and design thinking to create and build programs that leverage technology and the human condition to activate behaviors that empower consumers while impacting bottom line business results. Guaranteed.

Design Studio

Design Studio

Change Your Environment, Change Your Mindset

Underneath piles of papers and post-its, there is a method to the madness and insights to be illuminated within Design Studio environments. These hands-on, iterative, and mindfully messy spaces foster an immersive experience—both intellectually and practically, functioning as a repository for research, questions, thoughts and ideas.

Within these studio spaces, there is purposeful and strategic discussion, unconventional ideation, and imaginative exploration directed toward project objectives. Here we grapple with complexity and untangle insights to determine strategy and tactics for implementation. These environments are saturated with materials for strategic problem seeking and solving. Studio environments serve as a palpable translation of our thought process and thus create a frame of reference for discussion and collaboration.

LIFT embeds design studios within clinical environments as a means for challenging the conventional manner in which we solve problems in healthcare marketing and strategy. It’s no secret that the evolving healthcare landscape requires a new way of thinking. By positively disrupting ‘the way we’ve always done it’ through studio environments and practice, we can foster a new way to approach the challenges healthcare professionals face.

Design Studios are safe places to think outside the box and engage in design research activities—from participatory exercises to co-creative methods, mind-mapping and service blueprinting, persona development and user journeys. These environments support collaboration and questioning—asking the ‘why’s’ and ‘what if’s’ to identify opportunities for innovation from multiple points of view.

In a Design Studio, check convention at the door and be prepared to embrace the ambiguous nature of the design process. Guided by LIFT design strategy, research, and human science experts, you will harness design thinking to positively impact your marketing and business strategy.