Developing a purposeful brand story that champions a long-term marketing strategy and strives for measurable consumer engagement is the only way to ensure that your hospital’s voice stands out from the glut of healthcare content cluttering the lives of every patient you serve.

If that sounds complicated, it’s because it is.

Purposeful marketing rooted in rich, value-oriented content remains the truest way to genuinely connect with consumers and impact their behavior while advancing the business and clinical objectives of your hospital.

Now more than ever, healthcare consumers are aware of and often seek out information about their health and health journey on their own terms. As a result, today’s healthcare marketing strategists must embrace stakeholder empathy and have a deep understanding of consumer and patient journeys in order stand out and engage.

At LIFT, we believe that compelling brand stories and marketing messages are best created through the lenses of design and design thinking—enabling patients and providers to meet and engage at the intersection of voice and experience.

In our latest e-book, you will learn seven strategic best practices rooted in design thinking that healthcare marketers can use to more effectively connect with and engage consumers on a human-to-human level.


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