ProjectLift is a business development portfolio company devoted to guiding early stage businesses through the various steps of launch and industry acclimation.


We provide the businesses we support with important access to the healthcare space through the myriad relationships we have in the space, as well as the clients of The Lift Network and Lift1428—mostly hospitals, health networks, and payers—who are eager to innovate and seek trusted relationships in which they can explore transformative business thinking.


ProjectLift plays an active role in business growth and business development for the businesses we partner with by: mitigating access to the space; providing expertise, tactile advice, and guidance; helping with piloting relationships and market entry; assisting with strategy and tactics for marketing and sales; and providing insight into business and legal matters. ProjectLift offers a palpable professional environment that entrepreneurs can leverage for contextualization and business traction in early-stage business development. ProjectLift offers a unique blend of access and guidance that partnered entrepreneurs find very desirable and useful as they launch new technology-grounded businesses into the healthcare space.

ProjectLift & Wexford Network

Key Components of a Wexford Knowledge Community Include:

• Research and Innovation Access and Guidance

• Capital Formation

• Infrastructure

• Business Assistance

• Workforce

• Programming

• Clustering

• Amenities

Wexford Science+Technology—a real estate development firm located in Washington, DC—is a leading strategic partner of ProjectLift. Through this relationship, we have access to innovative startup and research communities located in several impressive and valuable educational, research, healthcare, and medical delivery environments.

Wexford Science & Technology works collaboratively with their client institutions to help create and build vibrant, mixed-use, amenity-rich knowledge communities. These knowledge communities operate as a nexus for academia, the private sector, and the public sector, and offer access to strategic research resources and business services that, when harnessed into a single location, provide for an environment that is ripe for innovation. ProjectLift is proud to serve as a strategic resource to the multiple Wexford knowledge communities across America.

The live/work/play environment that Wexford Knowledge Communities offers helps to advance strategic institutional goals while acting as a catalyst for significant regional, economic, and community development impacts.